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Macbook Screen Cracked,We can Fix It

Logic Board Failed

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Graphic Card Issue

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Mac Charging Issue

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MacBook Screen Replacement
Broken Screen,Cracked Screen,Smashed Screen.
We Provide Premuim Quality LCD's & LED's as We Aim to Deliver the Best to Our Customers.
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MacBook Display Issue
No Display,Dim Display,No Backlight,Colored Lines on the Screen,Flickering Display
Macbook Turns On but No Display
We Daignose both Hardware and Software of the Macbook to determine the exact source of the Issue & Fix It
Repairs from $77
MacBook Spill Liquid Repair
Spill Water,Wine,Coffee,Juice,Yogurt etc ? Do not turn on the Macbook, If Possible,Remove the Battery Immediately and Bring it to Us as soon as you can
Liquid Intrusion can cause short circuit causing damage to the Electronic Components & other parts
We disassemble the Macbook & begin the professional cleaning technique immediately to avoid corrosion
Our technique removes any decomposition on the components & make the Macbook perform as before
We Daignose all the Hardware to make sure If any part requires Replacement
Repairs from $77
MacBook Graphic Card/Video Card Repair/Replacement
Display with Graphical Artifacts,Colored Pixels,No Video,Random Spots
The heating and cooling cycles damage the solder Bond underneath the Graphic Card chip on the motherboard.
We Repair the Graphic card with the Reflow Technique which will fix the damaged solder joints with 99% success Rate.
If the Graphic card chip is beyond Repair We Replace the Chip.
Repair cost $185 and Replacement price varies with Model.
MacBook DC Jack /Charging Port Repair/Replacement
Macbook does not charge works only on Battery,Intermittent Power to Battery,Charging Port Loose,Broken,Pin Pushed inside,Need to wobble to make it charge
We Repair the DC Jack by Soldering it on to the Motherboard or Replace it
Replacement $175
MacBook Data Recovery
Hard Drive Failed ,Lost your Valuable Data?
We can Recover your Important Files ,Photos and Videos
We can Recover Data from Hard Disk,Memory Card,Flash Drive etc
Data Recovery from $99
MacBook Laptop Hinge Replacement
Broken Hinges,Loose Hinges
We can Replace the Hinges
Hinge Replacement from $165,price may vary with the Model
MacBook Overheating
We open up the Mac and clean the dust all over,service the cooling fan and apply premium Quality Thermal Paste for cooling and Replace the Fan or any other Part which is causing the Issue
Overheating: $129 (Excluding Parts)
MacBook Fan Repair/Replacement
Continious Whirring Noise From the Fan,Getting Fan Error Message,Overheating,Mac Shutting Down
We Service the Clogged Fan by cleaning the internal dust and make sure the fan is spinning properly
If Repairing does not fix the issue we Replace the Fan
Fan Repair $99 and Replacement Price Depends on the Fan Model
MacBook No Power/No Boot
Macbook Does not Turn on
If the Macbook Does not turn on it can be due to any reason,We Daignose the Mac to Determine the exact source of the Issue & Fix It
Parts are Replaced if required
No Power /No Boot from $99
MacBook Keyboard Replacement
Keys not Functioning,Sticky Keys,Missed Keys
We can Repair or Replace the Keyboard based on the Issue
Keyboard Replacement depends on the Model
Keyboard Replacement from $150
If you have any other Issue Please Call Us or Email Us and We will be glad to Assist you
All Services go with Warranty.We Use Genuine Parts for Replacements
We Service all Brands